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A very kind person wrote to me today about that article saying they was uncomfortable with the idea that Mary was looking up at unclothed men on crosses. I admit freely that this is topic I have not spent much time researching. It does make me uncomfortable to think of the the Blessed Virgin and the women surrounded by naked men. Yes, I am a prude.

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The crucifixion of christ

A gentleman heard me on Relevant Radio earlier. I had mentioned on the air that one of the great humiliations of a crucifixion was that a man was crucified naked. This thoughtful gentleman wrote to challenge my comments. Below is his e-mail and my response. Please correct your description of the Passion.

Was jesus crucified naked?

You have said that Christ was crucified naked on the cross because it was the Roman way of executing condemned prisoners. Thus the gospel explicitly describes how the Jews requested the legs of the condemned be broken so that their dead bodies would be removed before the Passover, and this was done per their request. Nudity in 1st century Jewish culture brought shame to the beholder, and it was the Jews that had Jesus crucified—thus Jesus would have had a cloth to cever his loins, which is consistent with the visions of various mystics of the Church.

Thanks for writing— and for your thoughtful comments. I always appreciate feedback especially from studious listeners.

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Please take my comments below in the same irenic tone in which you kindly wrote to me. However, I disagree with your assessment. Jews were also limited in the of lashes one could receive, but they certainly paid no heed to that Jewish concern either. They were there to uphold Roman law, not cater to Jewish religious sentiments. It did not mean that the Romans wrote down a list of the Jewish sensibilities to insure that none of them were upset. The Romans were to do what the Jews requested only, presumably, in terms of their willingness to allow Jesus to be crucified even though Pilate found him innocent.

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The crucifixion of christ

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Was jesus christ naked on the cross?

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Was jesus crucified naked?

Mass attendance s. How many sacraments your parish completes of marriages, baptisms, confirmations, etc.

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of other programs they offer bible studies, food banks, etc. I'm not registered at a parish.

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Do you think there are ethical problems with journalists collecting app data for the purpose of reporting? I have mixed feelings.