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The decision includes stark criticism of, its chief executive and numerous of its staff, though the judge said his intention was to traverse the facts that led to the situation and not to criticise. To streamline the process of bypassing parental legal rights and due process, OT had parental laws changed, weaponised their and barred parents from accessing legal aid to fight these uplifts. Increasingly having independent opinion in a mainstream media environment which mostly echo one another has become more important than ever, so if you value having an independent voice — please donate here. No mention of inter-generational poverty or abuse or the grinding poverty, just naked fangs bared rage at targets society hates anyway.

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In particular, the Gidget Foundation would like to thank:. To support our work with families in need, please. When we found out we were expecting our fourth daughter, to donate to a charity rather than receive gifts was a no brainer. It felt the right thing to do when we were unpacking the baby boxes and washing all the clothes we already had.

We had done the same when our third daughter was born. Having makes you count your blessings. But being lucky enough to have four brings a whole new level of appreciation. We felt if we could make a difference to just one family, we may just pass a little luck onto someone else and the Gidget Foundation was the right fit. We also felt it a valuable lesson for our other daughters to learn that gaining a baby sister was more than enough reward.

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Sylvia is a kind and empathetic psychologist who has experience in working with children, adolescents, young adults, and their families. Sylvia has experience in a variety of presentations including mood and anxiety disorders, emotional dysregulation, interpersonal difficulties, symptoms of trauma, attachment issues and perinatal mental health. Sylvia has experience in working from a trauma informed lens and developed a passion for understanding how intergenerational trauma can impact early attachment during the perinatal period.

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Sylvia integrates an eclectic approach to therapy utilising various frameworks such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and strength-based models. Clients value the safe and non-judgmental space Sylvia is able provide for them. All whilst supporting them through their journey and reaching their goals to lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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Dr Suzy Goodison s us as a Psychiatrist providing psychiatric assessments for our Gidget Foundation Australia clients. Suzy has had wide experience in areas of perinatal practice both antenatal and mother and baby workhospital-based care as well as community mental health. She particularly enjoys working with mums and young babies, understanding this is a precious and important time when women and families often need more support.

Suzy began her career as a Vet however turned to post-graduate medicine and then psychiatry in She continues to volunteer and provide care to the Tess ellen naked of disadvantaged and homeless people in Sydney on spare weekends. She is looking forward to collaborating with Gidget to provide care to our clients. She has experience supporting adults, children, and families with diverse emotional and behavioural difficulties, adjustment to life events, and interpersonal loss or grief.

She has a special interest in assisting women and their families during the perinatal period.

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Sally aims to provide a warm, safe, and hopeful space for clients to explore their difficult experiences, work towards their goals, and thrive. Sally has worked in a range of settings including outpatient community mental health, private practice, and not-for-profit organisations.

Prior to her clinical training, she worked in health promotion research. Tanuza is a registered psychologist who works with clients across the age Tess ellen naked including, children in the context of family therapyadolescents, and adults. She has broad experience with a variety of presentations including complex trauma, eating disorders, addiction, adjustment issues, grief and loss, mood and anxiety disorders, perinatal mental health, parenting as well as family and relationship challenges.

Her warm and caring nature enables her to instantly build rapport with clients and their support networks. Tanuza is also a bilingual clinician with Transcultural Mental Health Centre TMHC having worked extensively with clients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

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Tanuza has developed specialist knowledge in child protection and early intervention in her work with the Department of Human Services. Kirrilee is a passionate social work practitioner Tess ellen naked evidence-based therapeutic interventions that are underpinned by core values of dignity, empathy, respect, and aims to create a safe and empowering environment for individuals to work collaboratively.

Her practice framework incorporates various treatment modalities and theoretical understandings to support mothers in treatment. Kirrilee has experience supporting individuals and the ecology to address interpersonal issues, trauma, grief and loss, mood disorders, anxiety and behavioural issues that may be impacting on their daily functioning and attachment with baby. Kirrilee understands by providing therapeutic interventions that are tailored to women and their families this can support sustainable and positive treatment outcomes.

Kirrilee sees telehealth patients on behalf of Gidget House through the Start talking telehealth program. Roshini is a registered psychologist with experience working with diverse client groups including children, adolescents, couples, and families. She is particularly experienced in working with individuals affected by trauma, and working with clients from non-English speaking backgrounds.

She has worked with a wide range of client presentations across a variety of settings including Alcohol and Drug counselling services; generalist counselling services; mental health project management; Family Dispute Resolution, and in private practice.

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Marian works with individuals and couples, specialising in the treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD and childhood sexual abuse. Marian offers focused psychological strategies, from a client centred, collaborative, positive psychotherapy approach.

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In addition to offering psychoeducation, skills development and a variety of therapeutic interventions, Marian believes that a strong collaborative working partnership with clients is essential to achieve good therapeutic outcomes. She has worked in the perinatal mental health field for over fifteen years.

She is passionate about the importance Tess ellen naked supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of new parents, particularly mothers as they journey through pregnancy and into the early parenting years. Lisa has experience providing support to families in relation to a of issues including; adjustment to parenting, perinatal emotional distress, depression, anxiety, birth trauma, grief and loss, stillbirth, neonatal loss, young Mums, relationship stress and domestic violence.

Lisa has been working as a Manager of Child and Family Services for a residential Mum and Bub unit supporting mothers in building connected relationships with their children whilst they participate in treatment for their mental health and substance use for over a decade.

She is also and Family Partner with Emerging Minds who work to support children of parents with mental health issues and their families. Lisa is a warm and compassionate clinician and works to promote a safe and nurturing space for parents seeking support.

Lisa works from a strength-based, trauma-informed approach and is a trained practitioner and facilitator of Circle of Security and Parents Under Pressure PUP. Lisa believes the relationship we form with our clinician is what helps us find healing so has a very flexible approach that is client centred. Lisa finds sometimes words and talking are not the only path to healing so offers a variety of creative art and drama based ways of processing as well as Dialectical Behavioural Therapy DBTfamily systems theory and additionally draws on principles from attachment theory, acceptance and commitment therapy, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, and solution focused therapy.

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Lisa looks forward to walking with you and your family as you find your own way through the joys and challenges of parenthood. Elisa is a warm and compassionate registered psychologist with a Masters in Clinical Psychology. Elisa has a passion for perinatal health and supporting people facing a variety of life challenges.

She values taking a holistic and collaborative approach in helping clients achieve their goals.

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Elisa has experience working with children, adolescents and adults in both individual and group contexts. She has worked in community mental health, research and hospital settings. Emma is an approachable and passionate Psychologist who has experience in a range of clinical settings, including Willoughby Tresillian Residential Unit and the Centre for Emotional Health at Macquarie University.

Emma completed her postgraduate training in Clinical Psychology at Macquarie University. Her dissertation focused on attachment theory and parental mentalisation. Emma tailors her treatment approach to work flexibly based on individual needs and preferences, while incorporating therapies with a strong evidence base. Clients value the safe and nurturing environment that Emma provides for them, allowing them to build the skills they need to overcome difficulties, experience joy and improve their wellbeing. Heather is a registered psychologist providing Medicare approved and private counselling and psychology services.

She tailors her approach depending on client need and draws from Narrative Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Tess ellen naked parenting approaches.

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Alia is a warm and gentle psychologist with over 15 years of experience predominately working with women, children, and families across public and private organisations. Alia has ly worked with mothers in a refuge; birth, adoptive and foster parents; and survivors of abuse and trauma. Alia is currently working at a private psychiatric inpatient hospital with adult and youth patients. Alia works from a strength-based perspective, providing empathy, support, and authenticity within the working therapeutic relationship. Alia works compassionately with clients to increase safety, healthy attachments, and self-care.

Therapy can help via empowering clients with skills, informed decision making and problem-solving, and building a life worth living based on their values and goals. Cultural sensitivity, recovery-focus, and trauma-based practices are woven within therapy.

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Alia works with clients to build awareness, insight, and hope for the future, with a focus on the strengths and courage that it takes to engage in therapy. Outside of work, Alia is a mum of four children aged between 15 to 3 Tess ellen naked old, so she has lived experience and understanding of the juggle that many parents experience today. Sarah brings a wealth of life experience and clinical expertise, has the capacity to deeply engage with people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, understand their needs, activate change and foster wellbeing.

Sarah has extensive experience addressing anxiety, depression, grief, trauma and relationship problems, and also has a special interest in the early attachment bond. Sarah looks forward to meeting prospective Gidget House Manly clients to help families access the necessary psychological support required during these important formative years. Emilie is warm, intuitive, and collaborative as an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with ten years experience in the field of child and adolescent mental health and family therapy.

She has worked with couples, individuals, and families in the treatment of depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and recovery from trauma in various community, health settings, and inpatient contexts. She is trained in and strongly influenced by psychodynamic psychotherapy, attachment-based therapies, and Narrative Therapy techniques.

She is passionate about incorporating themes of rupture and repair, reparative attachment, and restorative connections into her work.

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This also includes an emphasis on the neuroplasticity of the brain and its ability to heal. She has also collaborated on and independently developed art therapy modules in the inpatient setting for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and various mood disorders. As such, she also employs creative approaches in her work where this may be helpful for clients who engage in therapy with her.

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Emilie aided in the establishment of the Australian Association of Social Workers Mental Health Practice Group in and has formerly worked to educate, resource and train other social workers to obtain their accreditation as Mental Health Social Workers. Mandy has worked almost exclusively in the Western Suburbs Tess ellen naked Sydney her working life where she grew up and has been privileged to have worked extensively with families in the early childhood learning and disability sector, primarily in supporting the running of a not-for-profit child and family resource centre and toy library.

Mandy continues to be passionate about toys, games, and play-based learning embedded in anti-oppressive and trauma-informed practice. She acknowledges that people are the experts on their own lives and has learned and continues to learn everything she knows through the relationships that are fostered by people sharing times in their lives and stories with her. Mia Birkner is a clinical psychology registrar with a passion for perinatal and infant mental health. Mia strives to create a non-judgemental space where individuals feel comfortable exploring their concerns and aims to work collaboratively with them in achieving their treatment goals through an evidence-based approach.

Mia is experienced in the assessment and treatment of a range of issues, including anxiety and mood disorders, and has worked in a variety of clinic settings. She has experience working with adults, children, and families. Mia works primarily from a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach, however, draws from a range of different therapeutic frameworks.

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As such, she aims to create a supportive and safe environment for her client to assist them in flourishing via building their self-reliance, flexibility and improving their overall wellbeing.