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Wait, Dan Butler? Dan Butler who played Bulldog in Frasier? Tenchi Muyo! Episode Four of Tenchi Muyo! I am not even joking. This episode is remembered for several reasons, but more specifically that this is THE episode.

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The first television series based on Tenchi Muyo! TV tells a similar story to Tenchi Muyo!

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Ryo-Ohkibut in a longer manner. The first half of the series, "Earth Adventure", introduces the main characters, and a short arc that explores various fantasy worlds "Time and Space Adventures" follows.

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The show's second half, the "Space Adventure" arc, follows Tenchi and the gang as they travel to Jurai in attempt to stop a coup. This show is its own specific continuity; although it shares almost all of the chief characters from the OVA, many aspects of the story and characterization are changed from the OVA. This series was followed by two moviesTenchi Muyo!

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Tenchi Muyo! Community Showcase More.

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Washu : So, this is MihoKiyo's place, is it? Kiyone : MihoKiyo?

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Ryoko : That's short for "Mihoshi and Kiyone. Mihoshi : Yeah, it sounds like the name of a goofy comedy team or something like that.

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Kiyone : smacks her Hey, goofball, shut up already! Sasami : You sure are like clowns.

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Tenchi : And why didn't we use this earlier, Washu? Tell me, please.

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Washu : Its radius is only meters. Kiyone: ''Washu Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?

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