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Fernandez and the year-old Dadd, along with their year-old manager Jose Barajas, were arrested and charged with committing lewd and lascivious acts with under 14, according to CBS Los Angeles. Fernandez is a well-known social skateboarding star, who earned a widespread following a little over three years ago as a precocious year-old skateboarding phenom with an attitude. Since then he has gained over 1 million followers on Instagramfrequently posting videos of himself skateboarding while also marketing the popular skateboarding label Honey Brand. According to police reports, on Nov.

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We have Douglas Rushkoff, who's a writer and lecturer—. Are we all asking the wrong questions when we focus on the technology itself, rather than what's behind it? The problem, as I see it, is what are companies doing to our kids through technology, and how can they and we be made more aware? But how? What do these web sites and apps really allow teens to do? What is it they ask in return?

And are kids aware of any of this? It hasn't always been like this.

Let's make this birthday one to remember.

Today's teens, like this group of high school friends in Montclair, New Jersey, don't need to be chased down. They're putting themselves out there on line for anyone to see. They tell the world what they think is cool, starting with their own on-line profiles. She's a master of Facebook. Come on, we're trying to get likes!

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You put your best foot forward. And your cover photo kind of tells about your personality. And I mean, usually, when you think of Darius, he's always smiling. He's always a happy guy to be around.

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Why is that? You thinkis a lot? The more likes you have, the better you feel. WILL: You can't wait to find out whether people like you or not, so you need likes and stuff like that, instant gratification. The is right there for anyone to see. It's cryptic. For kids today, you are what you like. Like, that's my top one.

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I found out about this web site, and I saw that they were having, like, these little contests on it, and so I was, like, "Oh, I really want to win these contests. The movie's official web site allows kids to compete with each other for virtual prizes by sharing its content on Twitter. It's called "retweeting," and when it comes to The Hunger Games, Ceili's among the most prolific in the world. Like, it's just really cool to be able to, like, think of yourself of as, like, one of the people that likes The Hunger Games the most, being one of those people who loves it so much that it's, like, you're one of the top fans.

It's, like, a way to say to people, like, "Yes, I am one of the top fans, actually.

How baby scumbag’s quest for social media fame ended in disaster

Look at the web site! And sometimes, they get a reply. Jack Quaid, who played Marvel from District 1, he was, like, my favorite actor. I don't know why, but I became super-obsessed with him. So I was, like, tweeting him, like, "My only goal anymore is to get you to tweet me back.

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Now go save the world. And hurry. I mean, I've tweeted them a bunch of times, like, hoping they'll retweet me and stuff because its really cool, like, them noticing you. And then they like her, too. It's kind of, you know, self-empowering to know that, like, "Oh, I'm one of the top fans on their web site.

It's a word you hear a lot when kids talk about social media. I'm a vlogger on YouTube.

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I got in trouble because I don't have a filter on my mouth. I had just gone off to college. I was And my three best friends went to three different schools, and so I had, like, Facebook to keep in touch, but I also wanted to keep in touch in my own little way. I mean, the s go up and up and up. He's Ceili on steroids. If you were to, like, go hog wild about somebody or put, like, One Direction posters all over their wall—.

Getting people to be "all about" something is big business.

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Major corporations have long spent billions trying to get kids to engage with their products and brands. Steven fernandez naked that the way kids consume media has changed, the companies that want to reach them know they need to change, too.

I mean, this is the biggest transformation that we've had in terms of communicating with consumers in our lifetime. In our lifetime! And so to not learn how to participate in those channels is outrageous. So to stand on a sideline is not an option. And if kids want to express themselves by advertising his company's products, like Oreo cookies, he's happy to oblige.

We called it "Daily Twist. If you're in favor of it and want the world to know, Oreo is there to help. BONIN BOUGH: Here, this platform gave something as simple as a cookie — a cookie — a cookie, which is, you know, two chocolate— and cream in the middle— the ability to have a perspective on culture that was so profound. A million people took an action to say, "Yes, I associate with that.

I like that piece of content.

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That piece of content speaks to me. Those are big, big s. When you hit "Like," when you retweet, when you make any expression on line, you're creating data. You're creating a demographic profile of yourself.

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When Daisy likes dozens of brands on Facebook, those brands can learn more about a potential customer, and all her friends, as well. When Ceili and her friends retweet news about The Hunger Games, the movie studio is able to track the response in real time. When Tyler goes on YouTube in search of the things he likes, YouTube — which is owned by Google — can track his every move. The people who are handing over the data, because they're hitting, I like this or I like that, or they're telling all their friends, "Will you please come like me," they have no idea what the value of that is.

They helped that company sell for a billion dollars.

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And Facebook? Those s aren't based on profits— not yet, anyway. Those prices are based on the volume of likes they can generate. And likes don't generate themselves. That's why companies need kids to stay on line, clicking and liking and tweeting. How do they do that? Who wants to win a phone call from Lady Gaga? You may not be as famous as Taylor Swift, but your photo can be part of her promotion for Diet Coke.

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Reach out to any celebrity or brand on social media, and there's an implied promise they might reach back. There I am in the commercial. That's, like, literally a check off the bucket list. It just happens out of the blue, and it happened, like, without intent. And I think a lot of what I did was just talk about what I love, and people gravitated toward it.

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And it's opened up a lot of opportunities. And it opened up a lot of doors.