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How often do you see him? It might make a difference with how often. I am not sure. I know when I was seeing him almost everyday.

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So we've been together 6 months now, we see each other almost every every day and are VERY comfortable with each other. We would do things like pee in the shower together. She's my first relationship, when I first asked for a kiss I was incredibly anxious, I invested hours in planning dates and spent minutes thinking of witty responses to her texts.

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Now having a shower together doesn't even excite me. Sex is okay, I initiate it more than she does.

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I don't get butterfly's when we kiss, and to be honest I don't even enjoy it. Since being in this relationship I don't even desire kissing girls period I'm not gay. When we'd lie down and she'd be naked I'd be hard the whole time, now I'm just "meh".

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In addition to this I live a pretty lazy life, I'm at university but I don't work. I still get a little jealous if she talks to guys but not as much, I wouldn't go as far as saying I love her anymore.

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I'm almost having an existential crisis Google Asexual. And if you're not attracted to her, don't think that you love her, do her a favor and break up with her.

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Please don't string her along. Maybe you're spending too much time together? My bf and I were in a similar situation but now that we both work two jobs we love our time together even more.

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I stopped jacking off 10 days ago and I get horny from looking women in clothes now. People smirk at the idea but masturbating can kill your sex performance.

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You mention that you two are super close, like close enough to pee in the shower in front of each other In my opinion you've gotten too close. Maybe you don't feel excited by her because you're so used to her? And you've seen her pee?? Found the internet!

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Continue this thread. This and maybe seeing each other less sounds like a good idea.

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Good point, but nah not grossed out about her peeing. Dude, gross. Need help with your relationship?

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