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Ruby Rose is doing her best to break the internet. Litchfield Penitentiary's newest inmate's arrival sent her fans into a Twitter frenzy after her Orange Is The New Black debut revealed her naked form in a series of steamy shower scenes. The Australian actress, 29, who plays Stella Carlin on the Netflix show, was greeted by thousands of congratulations from eager followers after the series was released early on the streaming site over the weekend. Scroll down for video. Steamy: The model turned actress plays Taylor Schilling's character Piper Chapman's love interest on screen, and in one scene is caught in the buff flirting in the bathroom, as well as locking lips with the blonde star.

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Jun 27, pm By Molly Mulshine. If I was on the first season like everybody else, [it would have been different]. She plays one of the older characters.

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I also kind of got to know everyone really quickly on the first few days and knew where they studied and what they had done in the past and it was a big deal for me. I slugged it out here [in LA]. And that was good because it made me really fight for it. And it was at the same time that they were casting Stella.

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So I did an audition, got the job and then I was nervous all the way up until I flew there, but mind you I found out I got the job only a few days before i had to start shooting. And then when I got there and met everyone, within 10 minutes all my fears, nerves, and anxiety were just gone.

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Because these people, the cast, the crew, the writers, the directors, everyone really is a family. They just welcomed me with open arms and were almost excited to be able to share that experience with another person. This is a ride of a lifetime.

The most amazing ruby rose moments from season 3 of 'orange is the new black'

Where else would we be? But everyone gets along so well and supports each other.

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A lot of people in that show, because they are so talented, have side projects. Real friends!

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Yes, and they come to my [DJ] gigs. I thought about my character and whether I could see Stella working out in her room or doing sit-ups and push-ups in the yard and having a perfect ass… And I was like, no.

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So anyway they gave me three days notice. I did a juice cleanse and I went to a couple SoulCycles just so I felt ready for it. But almost every single person on that show has been naked.

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It was freeing. She wanted to make sure Piper saw her naked, basically. So I just had to be so free with it and open and not thinking about tensing my stomach or squeezing my butt. Photo by Ellen Von Unwerth. Hair by Castillo using Joico.

Spoiler alert: 'ruby rose is actually turning me gay': orange is the new black's newest inmate sends twitter into meltdown after her steamy naked shower scenes

Makeup by Toby Fleischman using Urban Decay. Sep 20, pm Jenna Barrott. Full Story. Jun 24, pm Shirley Reynozo.

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Jun 1, am Ashley Uzer. Mar 31, pm Ashley Uzer. Great to see you again, March.

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Feels like it was just yesterday that we were together. My favorite things of this past month are all over the place—kind of like my brain, my social life, and my career path at the one month mark of the new normal. A sustainable swimsuit that makes you. Mar 20, am Shirley Reynozo. The category is live! Mar 19, am Shirley Reynozo. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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