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When I watched the episode, it was my favorite episode of the show and the only one that I give 5 stars. I liked that scene where Heffer and Filburt secretly record Rocko going downstairs to get a glass of milk naked.

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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Parent reviews for Rocko's Modern Life.

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Common Sense says Modern and funny, but edgy content isn't for young. Based on our expert review.

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Based on 31 reviews. Based on 56 reviews. Add your rating. Parents say 31 Kids say Adult Written by Loopachu August 18, The funniest show to exist entirely in the 90s.

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This show is rather hilarious, considering while it is genuinely funny, they don't bother hiding innuendo which makes it even betterresulting in Chokey Chicken which refers to fappingand then a doctor in one episode named Ned Crow Philiac. This show is hilarious, especially Heffer.

Bedfellows (rocko's modern life)

This title contains: Positive Messages. Positive role models. This review Helped me decide 1. Had useful details 1. Read my mind 1.

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Report this review. Adult Written by RockoWallaby September 9, Sexual Jokes Run Rampant I recently bought season one of this show and having seen it, I can't believe that Nickelodeon got away with so much stuff we can't show in kid's cartoons today without at least I think a TV-PG rating.

If any of you did your research, the recently released DVD is not "intact" as far as content goes. One scene in "The Good, the Bad, and the Wallaby" is completely removed as it showed, when it first aired and since has had this correction, Heffer experiencing pleasure with a milking machine. In "Skid Marks", the driving school that Rocko goes to has a watered-down video of a simulated car crash using tomatoes.

The students cheer before the clip is shown and cry after the wreckage. In "Bedfellows", there is a short clip of a nudist colony formed in Rocko's backyard. What has been done is that every time the offending body parts might come into view, an object quickly blocks those parts. The censoring for nudity is a bit inconsistent.

Common sense says

Rocko can be seen fully nude in a shower scene in one episode but then is censored in another after an animated censor spots the problem and puts a black box in front of the offending areas; at one point the box falls done when we see Rocko face-first. This title contains: Sexy stuff. Helped me decide. This is so inappropriate and vulgar! I watched the first two episodes of this disgusting "children's" show.

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The first episode has scenes of graphic, bloody violence. Had useful details. Read my mind. Adult Written by jdfields December 18, Mostly slapstick, Too much testy peevishness Mostly slapstick, Too much testy peevishness.

Top ten best rocko's modern life episodes

The cartoonists seem to project too much of their own dysfunctional background into the series as perhaps their own therapy eg 'The Fathe'. Beside simplistic slapstick gags like "popping eyeballs", it contains little depth or cleverness for kids or adults. Parent Written by TikiDad2 September 15, There is zero educational or moral value present. Characters are rude and offer no role model behavior. Potty humor abounds Farting, on-screen vomiting, pee and poop as well as gross images of characters up close.

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This show will teach bad behavior, and no responsible parent would let a kid under 10 watch this. Adult Written by happymz04 June 11, Adult Written by quincy12 April 5, Rocko's Modern Life is a Nicktoon, but certain characters and innuendo are controversial; parental supervision advised Parents need to know that although this is one of the earliest Nicktoons to air in the 90s, Rocko's Modern Life contains some controversial characters and innuendo that can concern some parents. This cartoon is meant for older tweens and up, so children under 13 may need parental supervision.

Heffer is a wierd character. He's a glutton, a pervert, and a stalker.

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Filburt can be a jerk to Rocko sometimes. He tried to get Rocko eaten over a bird wig. A running gag is characters running into someone's boobs.

Parents say

There is some flirting and loping with mops, but nothing too explicit. Adult Written by danny March 25, Adult Written by StewieGriffin23 March 16, One of the best shows to ever grace Nick This show is hilarious. All of the dirty references they got past the radar were impressive. And it only gets better as it goes on, and unlike a lot of cartoons during the time, it had at least some continuity such as how Filburt and Dr.

Hutchison start dating, get married in Season 3 and eventually have children in Season 4. And there's going to be a movie coming out sometime this year.

Parent reviews for rocko's modern life

All in all, when it comes to Nicktoons, it's second only to SpongeBob. Adult Written by Vohaul February 16, Great show but not for kids Rocko's Modern Life has become noted for its many innuendos, so be warned and be careful. I would recommend waiting until high school. Great show but has disturbing stuff for younger viewers Rocko's modern life is a great show, But it's not for everyone.

Rocko's modern life has a few inappropriate that kids at the age of 11 or younger shouldn't watch.

Bedfellows (rocko's modern life)

For example on the first episode of the show, when heffer is dunking on rocko and breaks the wall you can see an elephant full naked with breasts fully shown. Parent of a 2, 4, 8, and year-old Written by Moral G. September 13, This show is outrageously inappropriate.

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Why this is rated TV-Y is a mystery. First off, the characters are always spouting thinly-veiled innuendos. This kind of content is so not okay for children. Secondly, the show actually has said the H word I am not repeating it because irresponsible parents actually let their children on the internet at one point, and there's also a fair amount of insulting and even SMOKING, of all things. Why is this TV-Y? This is not only completely uneducational, but not even young teen friendly, let alone preschooler friendly.

Bad show that's too inappropriate for. It's got blood in it on a kids show, but at least there aren't any curse words like Ren and Stimpy has, just pseudo-cusses like "stupid" and "moron". Adult Written by Crappola March 20, Put it in front of your toddler.