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A gaffe by NFL Network that showed several naked Cincinnati Bengals players in the background of a televised interview has reignited the debate about journalists in the locker room. We work in large massive stadiums. There's plenty of other spaces to interview. Would you like to be filmed while naked? How is this ok?

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Whitworth, an offensive tackle in his 10th year in the league and a former Bengals NFL Players Association representative, was understandably annoyed.

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He swiftly demanded answers from both the league and the network. However, while Whitworth received support from several other NFL players, he should perhaps be careful what he wishes for. His idea for an alternative such as a media mixed zone might protect a few sensitive egos but would do nothing to help the league or its players. A mixed zone is where players walk through a barricaded area and journalists are fenced behind waist-high metal grilles.

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Typically, it either turns into an unruly scrum or, very often, means a player simply walks past without talking to the press. With few exceptions, the EPL and its clubs do a miserable job of ensuring players or even coaches provide much in the way of access to the media, and by extension the public.

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Whether an athlete should be forced to share their comments is a matter of opinion. Organizations such as the NFL and the professional tennis circuits take a punitive approach, fining those who do not attend mandatory media sessions, as Marshawn Lynch well knows.

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In England, the lack of access creates a combative scenario between players and the media and the resulting basic, perfunctory level of coverage makes for a severe disconnect between athletes and fans. In most instances, cameras point towards a player with his own locker space behind him, instead of at the carnage, strewn clothing and roaming bare bodies of the locker room. If there is a recurrence of this incident, it would be a bigger shock than it was for viewers who were confronted with an unexpected peep show on their television screens Sunday.

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Part of what makes the NFL and American sports special is the ability for fans, through the media, to get up close and personal with their heroes. Rogers: Here's naked truth of players exposed in NFL locker room. Share your feedback to help improve our site!

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