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There are all kinds of myths about nudity in Sweden. How did it start?

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Why have the normally self-conscious, shy Swedes adapted to be fabric-abstaining fanatics? Is everyone a nudist in Sweden?

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Does everyone use the sauna naked? The same is also true in Swedish. They also prefer to avoid clothes where possible, but nudity is not central to their ethos. According to the Swedish Naturist Organization, naturist aim to harmonize with nature at its most basic level.

They aim to connect with nature and other people by minimizing factors that seek to divide people, such as clothing. For the purposes of this article, I will use the English term nudist with no ill-meaning towards Swedish naturists. Many Americans or English speakers assume that nudity and sexuality are intrinsically linked, but that is not the case the world over.

To dive into the Swedish psyche, we must first look at our own. In English, we use our bodies all the time to express ourselves. Names for our sexual organs can be used as insults. Sexuality is also used the same way. The same cannot be said in Swedish. There is a verb with the same meaning, but it cannot be used as an insult or in a degrading way.

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Swedes are actually quite unique in this regard. For a brief period during the 19th century, moralists tried to stop Swedish words related to sex or genitalia from being printed in the dictionary. Because people still had sex, sexual organs and buttocks. And everyone knew it.

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Heck, the celebration of Midsummer was all about fertility and hopefully finding a lover! Swedish attitudes towards nudity actually, as far as we know, goes back to Viking times.

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It all began with bathing and days of the week. In English, Saturday takes its name from the planet Saturn.

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Around the yearSaturdays were reserved for cleansing the body. Every man, woman and child would follow a fairly strict beauty regime where they would bathe using natural soap. By the s, bathing had moved on from just a traditional Saturday past-time. Swedish medicinal journals began discussing the health benefits of using saunas and bathing.

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By the s however, things began to change. Negative attitudes towards nudity slowly creeped in among the upper echelons of society. But for most people, bathing was still a public affair and done very much in the nude. There was no room for modesty or time to fret. For some middle class people, they would still bathe together as a family if alone, and if they had company, they would take turns according to gender men first, of course.

Fast-forward to the s, and attitudes had changed again.

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For the first time, it was desirable for women to have an all-over suntan — something that could only be achieved nude. By the s, it was commonplace for men and women to sunbathe nude or topless. Nudist beaches had sprung up all over Sweden and nudity, in general, is largely accepted by Swedish people. To understand why Swedes are more comfortable with the idea of nudity, I think it comes down to three things:. Nudity in Sweden might be more common than anywhere else, but what does the law say?

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Swedish nudity laws can seem very odd through a foreign lens, so here are the golden rules:. Public nudity in Sweden is legally acceptable within reason. Just behave appropriately. This is less about the law and more about protocol and individual choice. See the next section for a breakdown of sauna etiquette. There are a couple of things to note about Swedish sauna culture. Here are a few things you should know before visiting a Swedish sauna:. A Swedish poll from stated that Most Swedes are of the opinion that using a sauna naked is the most efficient way.

The decision ultimately lies with you, unless….

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Gender-specific saunas are usually located inside changing rooms. Everyone showers before using the sauna yes, naked so in theory everyone who enters is clean already. Nudity in Sweden is legally acceptable on any beach. Even so, it can still be helpful to know the names of specific Swedish nudist beaches.

Here are some located near big cities:. This outdoor pool opened in and in it was deated as a place for nudists. There are three parts to it, one for just men, another for women the largest part, in fact! Solhejdans campsite on the other hand is a family-friendly place with its own private nudist beach and other activities. But for a cold trio of countries, Scandinavians really are keen to take all those layers off when the opportunity arises.

They spend, on average, months of the year in winter jackets after all. However, you might not be ready to roll in snow naked or stand on a blustery nude beach. There are other things you can do, Naked women of sweden. Camping holidays accomodate for nudists all over Scandinavia which cater for everyone from individuals to families. Find out more about that here. Lastly, we want to draw your attention to a few things. First of all, a reminder that not everyone is comfortable with the idea of nudity. Everyone is welcome at a nudist beach. It is not somewhere to make others uncomfortable.

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Respect is central to maintaining freedom and enjoyment for all. Lastly, the nudist movement in Sweden is a welcoming place. You decide. It means a student or expert in natural history, especially a zoologist or botanist — nothing to do with nudity.

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