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Making fun of old naked men in the locker-room. Some day I'm going to make a video blog and salute to the older generation showing what they got. When I was 18, I could finally use the adult men's locker-room in the local Y. I had a routine. I changed in the locker-room, then I took a shower naked of courseswam some laps in the pool, used the showers again and headed back to my locker. As I was changing, an old man was standing next to me.

He was totally naked, like myself. He was over weight, had a one inch penis and was covered with white hair. He was obviously in his 70s.

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He began asking me questions, like where I was from, and how often I come to the Y. We had a normal nonsexual conversation. Of course I saw him checking out my package while talking, but that didn't bother me, because I was doing the same. After I was fully dressed and so was he, he said something that I will never forget.

He said," You are a credit to you peers.

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I was taught to respect my elders and listen when they have something to say. I'm thankful that God gave me a father who taught me well, for because of this I've gain wisdom from the older men that I have met and listened to.

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Today, when you go into the locker rooms, the younger generation is afraid to walk around naked because of fear how people will judge them, or they think it's so-called gay. Many young guyswhowill walk around nakeddo itbecause they have the modern world's view of a perfect body or theythink theyare gay and trying to attract another guy.

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How-ever, whenthey see an older man past his prime, they complain because he might not have the perfect body or it is sexual harassment to even be naked. These older men will not stand up and defend themselves if these younger guys complain in their face there will be a time that this will happen. Their wisdom keeps them silent, as if they are saying, you'll learn, young man.

It's actually funny. My generation and younger who are so selfish and foolish in our thinking and stubborn in our views, makes the older generation quite modest. How Ironic. I encourage you to support the next older man who stands around naked in the locker-room.

Walk up to him naked, and have a normal conversation. He is a veteran of the our past and is still fighting a cultural war.

Old naked men in locker rooms

Better Yet!! We need to create youtube videos in support for these men. It would be cool to see if the media catches on this trend. Great story. I'm one of those "old men". I'm 58 now. I never wrap a towel around my waist. With our towels at the Y you have to have a 32" waist to wrap. Fortunately at my Y there are no towel dancers.

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All ages shower in the gang shower naked. Also our hot tub is nude. In the locker room, I am nude when I go to the shower and carry the towel back. I have nothing to hide! I walk around naked but there are guys of all ages, but especially the 20's to 40's that are always covered. I get funny looks walking around naked, but don't care what they think, I will continue to be naked!

We are required to wear a swim suit in the hot tub which doesn't make any sense and really sucks! Oh well, I usually wear sexy underwear in the hot tub and some of the young guys wear some very tight and revealing boxer briefs - good for them! Logged in as Guest up for free instantly! Like 10 Group.

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