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This playful little blonde cutie in the most adorable, innocent dress, was aching to start with the Easter egg hunt. Her boyfriend started off by teasing her and fooling around before hiding a bunch of eggs for her.

The hunt was on. The cute girl was strolling around the yard, finding the eggs in all kinds of places. Her boyfriend even helped by lifting her to reach those that were too high up for her petite frame. At one point, the chick decided to open one of the eggs and see what hides inside.

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Positively surprised, she only had one condition where he needed to eat her out first. He picked her up and lifted this nubile on his shoulders, spread her slim legs, and started slobbering on that tiny cunt while standing right there outdoors.

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On the bed, she demonstrated her flexibility by bending her legs all the way behind her head, giving the guy an amazing view at that dripping wet cherry. He just kept licking and fucking her with his tongue, listening to this blonde begging for more and moaning in pleasure.

All that pussy eating left her willing to return the pleasure. Just like that, the couple swapped and now her luscious lips were wrapped around a veiny shaft. She vigorously swallowed as much as possible, but that was just the beginning. Small naked girl turned around on her back and he shoved his member all the way down her mouth. After that, she went on her knees like a good girl to continue with one of the sloppiest blowjobs and deepthroats before they were finally ready for more.

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A few moments later, this little minx was on all fours on the bed, bent over for her boyfriend who was entering her cunt in a doggy style position. It took just a couple of seconds before he was hammering her balls deep, making her scream. Her tight insides were being stretched to their absolute limits. From a doggy style, they switched into a cowgirl where she controlled the tempo, impaling herself all the way. He even picked her up to fuck this teen like a real sex doll before laying her back on the bed in an exotic, flexible position with her legs behind her head.

Spurt after spurt of potent creamy white cum pumped from his cock all over the naked girl. With his cum dripping from her face she jumped onto his cock and kept riding it.

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Man there is something about this girl that I just find incredibly and sexually attractive. Man, I could feel the cream filling in my Easter eggs boiling up the moment I saw her. Wait, it gets even better! She dropped an egg and as she bent over to take it, not only was she wearing absolutely nothing under her skirt, she had a bling butt plug stuffed in her asshole! This Easter egg hunt was on! Of course finding Easter eggs was the last thing on our minds, I was looking for her pussy and she was eager to find my cock! She got down on her knees, absolutely amazed at the view of my massive throbbing erection.

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I am not even sure it can fit that down my throat! She began sucking my cock like a whore right in the middle of the living room, stroking it with her gloved hands, drool dripping from the sides of her lips and down her chin. Her dad was timing us, thinking we were busy hunting for eggs, if he only knew! While I detoured him to buy us some time I pushed my slutty step sister on the sofa, she legs were now spread wide, her foot was over her head, her cunt Naked easter eggs wide spread. I started to eat out her pussy, greedily lapping-up her cunt-juice, sucking her sensitive clit, tongue-fucking her hole.

She looked over her shoulder as I banged her and I admired that sexy bling up her ass while reaching over and massaging her tits. My step sister has such a great body, sexy ass, tight little pussy, and I liked that anal toy, that buttplug popping out was awesome! I love this fucking girl. She spread her legs wide open in missionary position and begged me for more and more dick up her cunt.

I pumped her cunt so hard while she rubbed her clit that she expelled the bling butt plug from her asshole pushing it off with her anal sphincter! Fucking hot! I dick was doing in and out… in and out until she came, with amazing squirting orgasm!!!

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She straddled herself on top and rode my dick and I filled her with hot Easter cum just in time to finish the hunt! These two electric babes have their hunt in their bedroom with a little twist to it.

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Starting off with a brief nipple sucking the girls slowly graduat to pussy eating. The blonde lesbian licks that shaven twat like a pro, sucking on her clit and finger fucking her vagina.

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Her blonde girlfriend is a tease and she is doing this on purpose so that she can milk the anticipation all the way. She sper her ass cheeks with both hands and rans her tongue along the length of her wet pussy slit right up to her ass, tickling her hole.

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As the desire to get her beaver eaten out and fucked the proper way grew, she mounted her blonde friend and got her to give her head. That smile on her face suggests that she is close to heaven and that the gates are slowly opening up for her. Well, the scissoring is what did it for them! While their stepd chilled on the couch, these two cute little nubiles were having a blast with an Easter egg hunt.

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One was a petite and skinny redhead with the tiniest tits and big and nerdy glasses, and the other was a bit curvier and more voluptuous brunette teen. Not only did they look dashing, but the girls also had the skimpiest outfits. With nothing but loose shirts and panties, bunny ears, and tails, the two hopped around the house, finding eggs and fooling around. That kept them busy for just a little while because they quickly figured out a better way to have fun.

The cuties went to the bedroom, where they quickly stripped naked and went for pussy licking. To switch things up, the naked girls swapped places, and the redhead was more than happy to return the pleasure. However, just as the girls were really getting into it, their stepd barged in and caught them in the act.

At first, they were completely stunned. The stepdaughters tried to hide everything as quickly as possible, but both stepd saw them eating each other out. The d told them since they had gotten bored with the egg hunt they had another guessing game Naked easter eggs could all play together!

Still keeping their eyes closed, they were choking on gagging on those dicks before the men swapped places. Both girls ended up sucking their own stepd off and guessing wrongly, which caused them to lose the game and strip their clothes.

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Just like that, both teens ended up naked and bent over a table, with their hung stepd standing behind them. Moments later, both men were vigorously pounding these young babes from behind. Moaning and screaming, brunette and redhead were being ravaged doggy style simultaneously.

Naked easter eggs redhead found herself on the knees, giving another blowjob, passionately swallowing dick. Her girlfriend, on the other hand, was on the table on her back, spreading her legs as far as possible to be hammered relentlessly. Then, the redhead climbed next to her and now they were once again being drilled at the same time. From there on out, there was no stopping this foursome. From banging those tight holes to fucking their throats, stepd railed their stepdaughter into many orgasms before rewarding them with lo of hot, sticky jizz.

A striking brunette wearing her sluttiest bunny costume with skimpy, fishnet stockings, and thinnest panties ever was on an egg hunt. After her futile efforts to hide, she ended up calming him down in a different way. Sexy Easter bunny laid him on a nearby couch and immediately went to pull his shorts down. Impressed by the massive size of his morning wood, she grabbed the shaft firmly with one hand and placed her luscious lips on it. Just seconds later, this sexy bunny was slobbering all over it with passion, eager to take every last inch down her throat and make his rod slippery.

Such intense dick sucking made her pussy dripping wet and aching for a good fuck.

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Teen babe straddled him like a naughty cowgirl, moved those panties to the side, and sat on him balls deep. Chick was vigorously impaling herself right off the bat, eager to feel him as deep as possible. Then, they started changing positions. First, she turned around into a reverse cowgirl, giving him the perfect view of her tight asshole while still riding with the same intensity.

After that, he took her from behind and hammered that trimmed snatch doggy style while listening to her erotic screams of pleasure. From there on out, they went on to try every position possible. The girl was spreading her legs as wide as she could, enjoying Naked easter eggs orgasm after the other until he finally plastered her with jizz.

I made a little egg hunt for my girlfriend because it was Easter. I wanted to reward her so I put her on the bed lying on her side, and started pounding her tight, wet pussy balls deep.

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She screamed in pleasure as I was stretching her from the inside and quickly came on my cock. My sexy girl then got on all fours and put her ass up, inviting me to rail her from behind. I immediately went all the way, impaling her harder and faster as she was dripping all over my shaft. I sat down and she jumped right on me. She was looking so sexy in her pink fishnets, with those cute soft nipples and that perfect ass, bouncing up and down on my dick, balls deep, screaming in pleasure.

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She went quicker and quicker, grinding her clit against my pubis until she suddenly orgasms, her pussy spasming and creaming around my cock. Her pink pussy lips were sliding up and down my length. I grabbed her waist with both hands and began moving her body faster. We kept changing positions as she wanted to feel me rail her cunt in every way possible, begging for more every time I slowed down, making me grab and squeeze her tits. My sexy girl kept cumming on my cock and squeezing it with her warm, pulsating pussy before I finally reached my limits and shot huge streams of cum all over her delicious body.