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During a protest in Buenos Aires, dozens of young women lay naked and covered with clear plastic, representing femicide victims. Thousands of citizens on Tuesday gathered in front of Argentina's Judiciary headquarters in Buenos Aires to demand President Alberto Fernandez's government measures against sexist violence and femicides in the country. With the slogans "I want to live without fear" and "I kept quiet until I saw myself dead" gender activists also demanded justice for Ursula Bahillo, 18, who was murdered by her policeman ex-boyfriend in Buenos Aires. Ursula's mother took part in the protest carrying a that read, "She denounced the man several times, but Justice gave her no attention.

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What is the connection between the right to go topless and a growing campaign to end violence against women in Latin America?

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Last month dozens of women gathered in central Buenos Aires to demand the right to sunbathe topless. The protest came after three women sunbathing on a beach in the capital were asked to leave by the police or face arrest. The law is not clear about the right to sunbathe topless, but doing so is not the norm in Argentina. The incident went viral on social media and generated huge controversy.

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And as if to prove the protesters' point, dozens of men came to watch the demonstration, flirting, laughing and generally behaving as if they were at a cattle market, the women said. What is International Women's Day? Witty comebacks to sexist banter. The village where grannies go to school.

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One of the protesters, year-old Luciana Danquis, said that the police should be concentrating on protecting Argentina's women from gender-related attacks rather than worrying about what they choose to wear on the beach. Karina Flores, 40, said that women were taking back control.

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Well, it's over, no more breast licking. Although women are actually less likely to be murdered in Argentina than they are are in most other Latin American countries, the country's size means the of women who are killed is still staggering - an average of one every 30 hours, or women each year, according to the Buenos Aires-based NGO La Casa del Encuentro. In relative s Argentina's female murder rate is low - with one murder perinhabitants compared to a regional average of 2.

The country also has a long history of women's activism and strong civil society groups. Two years ago, it became the birthplace of Ni Una Menos, a movement tackling violence against women which has now gained huge traction throughout the region.

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BBC Women names influential and inspirational women around the world every year. We create documentaries, features and interviews about their lives, giving more space for stories that put women at the centre.

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A few years later she herself was murdered in the same city. The first Ni Una Menos march was held on 3 June, after several cases of violence against women, including the grisly murders of several teenagers earlier that year, which generated shock and horror across the country.

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Ni Una Menos has since made a powerful impression across Latin America, with three marches in two years bringing together millions of women across the continent. Dozens of groups, including unions and NGOs, are planning to a national women's strike on Wednesday to proclaim women's importance in both the business and domestic spheres. Machismo in Latin America is deeply-rooted. The way women are treated reflects a well-established macho culture, and widespread conservative social values.

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It's quite common to hear that a woman has been attacked by her partner. Some men have several partners, or even families. Men verbally harass women on the street with complete impunity. But in recent years, media coverage of sexual violence and femicide has increased.

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It has had the effect of turning some victims into martyrs. The movement is now spreading beyond Latin America.

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Two weeks ago in Spain, for example, eight women went on hunger strike under the Ni Una Menos banner after the murder of 11 women in one year by their partners. The strike was supported by hundreds of people at a march in Madrid.

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Argentine women strike after fatal rape. In pictures: Latin America protests against gender violence. Argentine rallies condemn femicide.

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Maternity clinic for rape victims opens. Will Stanford sexual assault case silence future victims?

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More stories for International Women's Day. What is women? Women everywhere it seems are taking to the frontline. Related Topics. Published 20 October Published 4 June Published 29 July Published 7 June