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Me on the floor and him in his bed. Really sweet. I remember his slight tremble as my fingers slowly went from his stomach to the line of his boxers.

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It was not the summer they expected. With Alan finishing his bachelor's, and Linda completing her first year of college, both Wilhelm children were looking to cut loose.

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Instead they were stuck in their parent's house, and certain urges were going unfulfilled. It was Alan that felt it first.

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Realizing he was growing uncomfortable around his little sister. He could not help stealing glances at her, though he tried not to. Linda was not unaware. Though at first she couldn't believe what a perv her brother was, as the weeks passed she began to justify his leering. She began thinking. And as her mind changed she also began devising a plan.

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She figured her brother was too shy, so given the opportunity she would make the move. The chance came sooner than expected. What neither child realized was that their parents were feeling cooped up as well. They announced that for their anniversary they would be taking a romantic 4 day riverside camping trip. They wanted to be sure their children knew what a bad idea a large gathering would be, and to resist having a party.

Alan and Linda assured their parents that they understood. Linda immediately started finalizing how she would test her brother. Two days later their parents left, and the plan was put into motion almost immediately. Linda wore skimpy clothes around the house. She would proudly display her DD breasts and shapely bottom. She would get herself all wet when doing the dishes, and go out of her way to rub against her brother.

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Alan became nervous. Was his sister teasing him on purpose? He thought he had to be crazy, but was he? After 2 days of seemingly being tortured, Alan began breaking down. Linda asked him to apply sunscreen to her back while she was catching a tan.

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There she was, glistening in a tiny bikini, and then she put the cherry on top. After returning indoors Alan looked back out the window just in time to see Linda undo her top.

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That was the final straw, and exactly what she was counting on. Linda heard the faint sounds and whispers coming from her brother's room. She had him. She would enact the final phase of the plan, and she was sure it would work. It wasn't a complicated scheme. Simply asking her brother if he would have a glass of wine and watch a movie with her, but she reveled in its simple brilliance. Thinking of watching a Kubrick movie with a glass of wine. She decided to go all My naked daughter tumblr.

Her sexiest smelling soaps, fully washing her hair, and giving herself a perfect landing strip. She was taking longer than she said, but it was going to be worth the wait. After toweling off she selected her tiniest g-string and barely there bra.

She looked in the mirror and gave her body a wiggle. This was the curveball she was waiting to throw. She knew he wasn't expecting the choice to be "Eyes Wide Shut" Alan fidgeted a bit as the film began. As they watched quietly Linda began making maneuvers. Resting her head on Alan's shoulder. Allowing her robe to fall open a bit giving her brother a glimpse of her ample cleavage.

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She was just waiting for the right scene to close the deal. The party scene. And then all their desire and wickedness would culminate in carnal acts of depravity.

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Various acts of sexual debauchery occurring on the screen. Alan swallowed hard and stammered "No You would recognize family Then whispering breathily while running a fingertip on her brother's leg. And Linda knew it was game, set, match. She stood up and allowed her robe to fall away. Three barely there pieces of fabric the only thing between her, her brother, and ultimate sin. It was even more exciting than she imagined.

Alan's jaw dropped to the floor. His siste gently gyrating in front of him. Her breasts and ass jiggling perfectly. Just enough, but not giving it all away. Linda began approaching him saying "I think you would still do it even knowing it was me. All you boys have dirty minds.

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I know you've been watching me. Alan was frozen. Watching his sister sway as she approached him. He was acutely aware that he was only wearing at tshirt and thin basketball shorts. There was no way to hide his excitement as his little siste placed her hands on his shoulders, her tits in his face, and straddled his lap. Linda had never felt such a rush. Being in total control of an older man.

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Of breaking so many rules. Grinding into her brother, feeling his excitement against her. She ran her hands up and down his body.

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He was in such shock that he hadn't moved. She placed his hands on her hips and began dry humping him. Your little sister is going to fulfill your fantasies. The movie now entirely irrelevant background. Alan could just nod as his watched his sister undo her bra. He did manage to regain some function though.

He moved his hands from Linda's hips and began fondling her melons. She moaned lightly as he kneaded her perfect globes. They were huge, but not saggy, heavy, and bouncy with small pointy nipples.

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Many people assumed they were fake due to her slender body, but they were simply natural, and perfect. Now down to only the skimpiest of undergarments, Linda's excitement was starting to get the better of her as well. He cupped Linda's left breast with his right hand and dove in.

Wrapping his left arm around his sister's waist as he took in a mouthful. Sucking and lightly nibbling Linda's nipples. Kissing and caressing all over. He alternated a few times before working up the courage to make a request. Clearing his throat "I've always thought it was amazingly hot to see a girl sucking her own breasts And with that he scooped her up and carried her off to the bedroom.

She helped him shed his shirt along the way, and as they reached the bed he placed her gently, taking a moment to appreciate her beauty.

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Sliding off his shorts Alan positioned himself between his sister's legs. He lifted the band of Linda's g-string and put his raging hard cock under it before letting go. Linda's body beginning to writhe underneath him, Alan placed his hands on her shoulders and began moving his member back and forth against her pussy. Gently teasing them both simultaneously.

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Him spilling precum as her own juices gushed.