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Because, there is NO reason to pay them! They should consider that their attempts to negotiate privately and through the media have failed.

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In other words, no amount of money paid by Favre to Sterger could have kept the information from becoming public. Without her cooperation, there simply could be no punishment of Favre. Now that Sterger has met with the NFL, she has no leverage. Sure, she could sue Favre.

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But if she were going to sue him she would have done it by now. So why is Reese peddling a version of events that the trained eye reasonably may regard as embellished at best, fabricated at worst? Well there really is no reason to pay. Payoffs are supposed to be for preventing damage, not minimizing it after the fact.

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I agree with you Mike! This story had all kinds of holes in it! It happened in if it was real it should have come out then or shortly there after!

A very feeble attempt to extort money from Favre. Too little to late! I do not think anything will come out of this! If there were any proven inappropriate advances by Favre it would never have taken this long …………….! Why is this story even relevant? A team like the Vikings is irrelevant.

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Their fan base is pathetic and they have a record. Quite obviously, a story of Farve being hit up for hush money would have made Favre look like a victim, and it would have raised serious questions as to whether there was really any truth to the allegations. She chose to go a different route. Enough people have given to the Sterger cause. She needs to quietly slink into sex-scandal history where she belongs.

Or a handout from greatful Packer fans.

Why is it NFL business if he did whatever with this woman 2years ago? Who freaking cares? Deanna should be only one! And to the person that said he is crapping down his leg, have you even watched a game? Have you seen him have 2 seconds in the pocket? Ones crapping is O line, they need to step up and you need to educate yourself before you put out a stupid opinion. Just saying.

Who cares? As a side benefit, he has send a bunch of CryQueen posters into hiding and as a result, PFT is better off for it. What Favre did was inappropriate, but if it really bothered her she would have reported it to the Jets.

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The Jets had no responsibility to stop a behavior they were not aware of…it is up to the victim to make employers aware. Instead, she laughed about it with friends and appears to have thought it was funny. No one will hire a talentless gold digger.

Oh yes, the great sources of professional knowledge that are Michele Tafoya and Andrea Kramer why not throw Pam Oliver in there? Nothing wrong with that. All Favre needs to do is win out and the Vikes will be Just ask the media. I think Sterger saw an opportunity after the Saenz incident.

Just like Saenz, she runs around dressed like a whore. Get real. Guys are given a dress code in the business world. If they refuse, they have no room to whine. This whole sterger thing is really annoying though. Shes makin all of her money right now With tabloids and all the idiot media.

Please Stop writing about this. Shes makin all of her money right now —————————————————————————. Come on already…. His overtures were uninvited and unsolicited.

He made her unemployable. She deserves every dime she can get. Besides, he has it coming for being so self-centered and for treating his wife like a POS. Screw him. You must be logged in to leave a comment. Not a member?

Register now! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This story gets less relevant with each passing Sunday as 4 craps down his leg. Who is this Brett Favre chap you speak of? This just in: Bus Cook is changing his name to LeQuisha. To be relevant. Go away. She is going after the jets. How could you not mention this in the article?

The person she should be suing is AJ from Depin.

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