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Parker was on his way to the shower when his parents told him to come downstairs the Morning of his 18th Birthday! Wearing only a robe, Parker rushed down the stairs. So proud of him in fact they rewarded him for his hard work at school and great behavior by getting him a car for his Birthday.

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Get over here and get to work with your mouth. You do a good job on my chest and I might just let that talented mouth get a little action below the waistline.

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And you do a good job with your mouth, another of your holes might be able to get in on the action. The time between new stories gets longer and longer, but this one is hopefully worth the wait. Voodoo Strip was the first thing I posted on this blog, and I never thought that it would lead me to publishing my stories on Amazon. This new installment introduces Luke, a new man with the same powers that Damien and Derrick have.

But once that same fate happens to him, he realizes that someone else nearby has the same powers… and they are more powerful. Will he find out the identity of his tormentor before he strikes next, or will he be publicly humiliated all over again?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Grab a copy to find out! His very revealing cosplay was so popular that he was nominated for an award. He immediately regret just using hot glue instead of sewing his tiny speedo together when he slowly felt some of the seams getting looser. He was on stage for his award when his speedo completely ripped apart, exposing himself and his own trident to everyone in the convention. He was completely humiliated, but his costume accident actually made him a lot more popular.

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He would spent the rest of the day taking pictures with his new fans, proudly showing his naked body for everyone to enjoy. So, allow me to make a proposal: For each stroke you make over par, you lose one item of clothing. Now, if you reach the end with at least one thing to cover yourself with, then you have my sale. Just be good enough to reach par, and you can leave here with my money and your dignity.

After a firm handshake, the game was on. As expected, he was already fully naked by the third Men stripping naked tumblr, except for a small hand towel which he lost in the next hole. He already lost the deal, but the client insisted they finish the entire holes. The client also made sure to walk to each hole, parading the naked businessman to everyone at the golf course, humiliating him even further. When the game ended, the client did not return his clothes, as it technically was not part of the deal.

The businessman would have to return to work, naked and humiliated. The client is apparently notorious among the golf club for making these embarrassing deals with other businessmen. He did it so often that there was a Wall of Shame dedicated to photos of these embarrassed businessmen, where a this new picture would now be displayed. Strip pool with his team - what could go wrong? As their captain, he rented out the entire venue, so they had their privacy.

They had been practicing to ensure that he would be the only one stripping off. And once he was completely nude, they called the coach. When the coach saw the captain stark naked, he was furious.


He grabbed the captain and threw him out of the pub. He begged to be let back inside, but the coach was set on teaching him a lesson. The following day, his naked pics would be all over the tabloids with humiliating headlines comparing his pool stick with a toothpick.

This was a public scandal that he would never be able to live down. Send me all of the strip pool, strip poker, strip whatever stories- they will never get old for me! Keeping the car clean was one of his responsibilities as the chauffeur.


Since it was almost impossible to avoid getting wet while washing the car, why bother wearing clothes? It was only going to take a few minutes anyways. To his surprise, his client would catch him in the act. Without even letting him get dressed, the client would force him to drive completely nude. He would later find all his uniforms replaced with just a jockstrap and a thong, which he only used on the few times he was allowed to wear anything.

Since I rarely post here anymore check me out on twitter and you can message me for a Discord linklet me start reblogging some other great ENM posts! Dave had just started his acting career. He was taking any role, even if he was just an extra in the background.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

When he got to set, he was brought to the costume department. Unfortunately we ran out of swimsuits so I guess you can just wear your underwear.

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Following the orders, he stripped naked and handed over his clothes. He tried to cover his junk with his hands during the shoot, but it was too distracting for an extra, so the director forced him not to. He would spend the rest of the shoot trying his best not to look embarrassed while his dick hanged free. When his shoot ended, he was relieved to finally get dressed.

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But when he got to the costumers, he would find out that his clothes were given to someone else by mistake. After such a humiliating day, things only got worse now that he was completely naked with no way to get back. Open Wide - Kindle edition by Tyler, Ian.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Open Wide.

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My next short story, Open Wide, is here, and you can grab a copy of your own on Kindle or read it on Kindle Unlimited! Go ahead and read the description below and then find out what happens for yourself! His hygienist had to cancel last minute, but she said another man, Garrett, can clean his teeth.

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Later that week, still trying to get over what just went down, he has to have a physical done at the hospital. Unbeknownst to him, this will be the most invasive test yet…. After talking with one of the guys from Discord, I found the perfect opportunity to fit ENM with forced nudity, and this story was born! If you ever want to chat about my stories or ENM, my inbox is always open here and on Twitter. A couple of months ago, he was hired at Infamy Incorporated which matched up and coming artists with agents. Once the scam was uncovered, Carter ended up in the courtroom of Judge Abbott who had a history of giving out weird punishments.

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This time, Carter will be forced to be exposed himself- forced to live his life in total nudity. Can he ever adjust to his new life, or will he constantly be humiliated every time he goes to a job interview or opens his door to a delivery guy? Oct 9, Sep 6, Aug 23, Aug 16, Aug 10, Jul 29, Jul 28, Just stand behind Poolboy 3.

He can cover you. Jul 26, Jul 5, Innocent Exposure - Kindle edition by Tyler, Ian. Use features li. Jul 3, Ian Tyler on Twitter.