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Not wanting the droid to report back to their mother or father that they had stolen from his restricted memory files or that they had been watching inappropriate movies, Jaina found the droid and before C-3PO could even utter a single word, she had him shut down again. Two minutes later, after pulling Jacen out of his room looking sweaty and dishevelled, the two brothers met their sister down in the projector room where they got comfy to watch another instalment of the true untold history of the Old Republic.

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Obi Wan had arrived only minutes earlier, accompanied by over forty well-trained clone troopers and five heavy artillery cannons to assault the base. Ahsoka Tano was going through a difficult phase in her life and like all other Togruta females, the need to satisfy The Urge was nearly overwhelming at most times. Ten minutes later, the clone troopers and the heavy artillery were set up and ready to create the barrage and diversion. Starting out with the artillery, a covering fire was established in front of the clone troopers and the three Jedi warriors.

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Using the artillery barrage as a blanket of cover, the assault team made it to the wall with little resistance and no casualties. While the artillery began assaulting the main base and drawing off attention from the main assault force, the clone troopers split Jaina solo nude the Jedi and began their attack on the main gate.

Using that as a diversion the three Jedi, led by Anakin, found a low section of the wall and got ready to climb the barricade and enter the fortified base. Only a few minutes earlier she and Anakin had given into their basest desires and in the process of sucking his cock and having her pussy eaten out to perfection, she had somehow lost her panties. Because she was wearing only a small skirt, every time she jumped, flipped or even got caught in a gust of wind, her tight pussy and round ass would be completely visible.

He clearly remembered a firm toned ass and the slightest glimpse of a tight bald teenage pussy. Obi Wan felt a small twinge in his groin before refocusing himself and scaling the wall with ease. Jaina solo nude looked over at Ahsoka and immediately knew that what he had seen was true; the look on her face told the entire sorry.

It had been him who had stolen her panties after their little foray in the dilapidated building. He had stolen the underwear all for the sake of glorying in the fact that it had been him who had gotten into her panties first. The assault on the base was fraught with both danger and difficulty; the three Jedi had to destroy several hundred battle droids before finally planting the last of the charges and exiting through the main gate where the clone troopers were putting up a valiant stand.

Only thirty troopers remained, but they were still fighting as hard as they could.

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Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi Wan exited the base, followed swiftly by the clones, just before the charges were detonated and the entire base was engulfed in flames and explosions. Although the mission had been a complete success, Ahsoka knew that she had exposed herself on several occasions during the fight; flipping, jumping and somersaulting around, letting both her Master and Obi Wan get a good few looks at her bald twat and perfectly shaped supple ass. Although not the fastest or Jaina solo nude manoeuvrable craft Anakin had ever piloted, it was one of the better armoured and smoother flyers.

For being such an ugly ship on the outside; with a long fixed wing on one side and a smaller one on Jaina solo nude other, the ship was quite large and comfortable in the inside; perfect for the long trips that Anakin often had to take.

Once Ahsoka and Anakin finally entered the ship and closed the hatches, they made their way to the bridge, where they started the engines and took off; beginning their long road back to Coruscant. Ahsoka moaned out in pleasure as her hands moved down to his waist and unzipped his pants again. Anakin was able to wiggle out of his pesky pants while Ahsoka continued to grind up and down on his lap and play with his hardening cock.

With her innocence now his and a small trickle of blood rolling down his throbbing cock, Anakin began to slowly ease more and more of his eight inches into her tight cunt until Ahsoka nearly blacked out. She could only imagine what it would feel like to have something so big inside her. Anakin had kicked it into overdrive after Ahsoka warm juices had covered his shaft and balls the first time and now that her pussy was clenching his cock again, his own need for release was beginning to overpower his better judgement.

Not thinking of the possible consequences, Anakin squeezed Ahsoka tight to his body and shot the last of his cum into her just as she finally started coming down from her own orgasm. A thin stream of his semen was leaking from her pussy and slowly rolling down her orange thigh and onto her white leggings.

Ahsoka shrugged her shoulders naively and instead of throwing her tube top back on; she unzipped her skirt and walked towards the back of the bridge completely naked, showing off her amazing ass and unique silver markings just above her backside. Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo had stumbled upon a very important piece of historical data; a chip which contained a of holovids dating back over 45 years, all of which seemingly containing candid videos of sexual incidents. The first two videos had involved their grandfather, Anakin Jaina solo nude and a Padawan they had never even known existed.

All three Solos had been mesmerized and turned on by the seemingly unrestrained erotic acts involving two Jedi of the Old Republic. They had come home to Coruscant for a brief visit with their mother and father, but after their Uncle Luke decided that their break had lasted long enough, he had recalled them to meet him on the planet of Bilbringi where after a very brief stay; they would make their way back to the Jedi Temple at Yavin.

Inspired by Ahsoka Tano and her quite revealing choice of clothing, Jaina had decided to emulate her new idol and wear almost the exact same attire. Decked out in long white leggings and a very short red leather skirt, Anakin, Jacen and even Han were taken aback by her long luscious legs and obviously juicy young ass. All that covered her perky yet ample teenage breasts was a small red leather tube top, so tight, that evidence of her little nipples could be seen through the material.

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Her midsection and most of her upper body were otherwise uncovered and sparkling in the morning light. It was usually Leia who did most of the strict parenting and since she was still away on her diplomatic mission, he had to make the tough decisions.

With that, the three siblings boarded the ship and left their still stunned father alone with his Wookie friend and his broken down ship. Just to prove the point further, Jaina turned her back to her two brothers, flipped up her skirt and showed them her ass. Padme pushed away from Anakin and turned her back on her husband with anger. Fuckthought Anakin as he quickly thought up a viable excuse to tell his wife.

It seemed to work somewhat, but Padme was still not very convinced. Relatively small but firm breasts, capped off by two tiny pink rosy nipples highlighted an equally fantastic and very fit young body. Although Padme was now entering her mid to late twenties, her body was just as spectacular as ever. Her round luscious ass, tight stomach and long slender legs could make any man faint with overexcitement.

It only took a few minutes using his skilled tongue to get Padme squealing with pleasure and a large quantity of her tasty Senatorial juices running through her slit and Jaina solo nude his mouth. She slid off the bed and onto her knees in front of him to get a good look at his nice big Jedi cock. For years and years she had perfected this very important skill, always being able to call on it when she needed it most.

In times of peril or in times of diplomatic unrest, a good quick blowjob for Jaina solo nude right male official and an entire crisis could be averted. In the case of Obi Wan, Padme knew exactly what buttons to push or more to the point what balls to squeeze.

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She massaged his balls with ease as her mouth moved slowly back and forth over the entire length of his cock and before long he was pushing her away; not wanting to blow his load before the best part. With that, Padme jumped onto the bed, got onto her hands and knees and pointed her sweet ass and tight pussy back at Obi Wan, just inviting him to take her as hard as he wanted.

Every time he fucked Padme, the same near insanity always threatened to take control of him. It was only by using his Jedi calming techniques that he could overcome the madness and get to work satisfying the insatiable slut in Padme Amidala. Without waiting another second, he got onto the bed with Padme and moved his cock towards her dripping wet snatch. Within seconds he was thrusting in and out of her with determination and execution, causing Padme to scream and moan out several times in orgasmic bliss.

It was only after what felt like Jaina solo nude of passionate sex that Obi Wan finally began to slow his thrusts and gradually reach his release. Can I… Ughhh… Cum inside you again! Padme had been off her usual contraceptives for the last couple of weeks with Anakin in town; they had decided to start to try and have a baby and if Obi Wan was the one to slip one of his soldiers past her defences, Anakin would never forgive her.

Padme did Jaina solo nude best to swallow as much of the tasty cream as possible but Obi Wan seemed to have no control over his ejaculation. Obi Wan too sighed seconds later, nearly falling off the bed in exhaustion. She had found it necessary to pull off the tiny white cotton panties during the holovid in order to have better access to her wet fifteen year old cunny.

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