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I can hardly find anything about this on the Google machine.

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Graphic de students and professionals alike revere the work that George Lois did as art director for Esquire between and His covers of Muhammad Ali as St. There are plenty of big-ass coffee table books celebrating Lois. Often his stories have more than a whiff of a self-aggrandizing tall tale that is short on a few key details.

If you click on the links in the last paragraph, you can read some of his ego-fueled prose for yourself—really, he seems like a spirit animal for Robert Evans.

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So byEsquire had spent several years being one of the most talked-about magazines in America. But in fact, it never ran.

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Here, read for yourself :. The manuscript was all about the high jinks of L. So photographer Timothy Galfas and I convinced the biggest movie star of them all to be photographed, bareass. Since the story related how hotdogging Jack Nicholson had greeted the writer wearing nothing but sandals, a hat, and a cigar [!

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Innudity was no joke. Well, when Harold Hayes called to say the owners had killed the cover, in effect cowtowing to the oncoming power of the celebrity and their business agents, I knew it aled the end of an illustrious road for Hayes at Esquire.

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It goes on in that vein for a little more. Address. Jack Nicholson got bare-ass naked for the cover of Esquire in Jack Nicholson. Here, read for yourself : The manuscript was all about the high jinks of L. Posted by Martin Schneider.