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Riders are being urged to strip off almost to the altogether next month as part of the Naked Challenge safety campaign. Elizabeth continued to compete for a while but struggled with speaking, balance, vision and memory. She worked as an equestrian photographer, then moved on to managing the New Zealand showing team, training showing judges and working as a drug-testing steward. My lifeline was my brain injury awareness work. Elizabeth campaigned for people to wear helmetsbacked by New Zealand dressage rider Shiwon Green, and was delighted when Equestrian Sport New Zealand called to say it was banning top hats in all competition. Last July, looking for a different approach to back her cause, Elizabeth stripped off, encouraging others to do the same, creating the first Naked Challengewith people taking part all over the world.

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At last, a New Human Harem story! There's been a surprising shortage of them as of late, and it's good to see at least one story sprout in these last few months. Nice chapter. I know this is just the introduction of the world so far, I hope that the next chapters will have more worlds in them so that way the story will be more detailled and it will not look like it is something rushed.

Pyyntöäsi ei voi käsitellä

Keep up the good work. I'm still fairly new to this kind of story and this site, so I'm bound to stumble a bit in these first few tries. I would have said meek. Naturally he's a bit intimidated about being around large and sexy anthro ponies all day, especially the goddess with whom he shares a bed, but I think the last part does a lot to erase one's shyness.

It was an exceptionally large woman with dark violent skin wearing an even darker dress. Have you seen some of his artwork and the artist even gave the pic a backstory about a male human named Thomas Wow, that is some coincidence that your main character having the same name that the artist also thought up but the only differents from your story is in his the human becomes a Royal Guard and the mate of Prince Blueblood. You can find the pic on Derpibooru by searching these words "oc:Thomas,Prince blueblood" you will find the pic and here the backstory that artist wrote:.

'bucking bronco'

Here the backstory for the human chactater Thomas from my two pics of the human with Blueblood. Here the backstory that I write for Thomas: Thomas is the only existing human living in the anthro version of Equestria and was an average guy living on his home planet, Earth living an average life until something happen that pulls him from his home universe to a world full of anthro ponies and other mythical creatures. So Thomas starts living with the ponies and they was kind to him they even view him as one of them despite Thomas being a human. And with that out of the way so the anthro ponies looks like the pics of BGN?

Or you want I can just pm you the pics. I'm looking at a few in the recommendations for similar stories right now. So I think it's safe to say everyone should know what these anthro ponies look like without much description. Because I was waiting for a story that is base on his arts of anthro pones with feet not hooves. And I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of Celestia's harem.

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And if you want I can pm you some interesting stories ideas. My anthro ponies aren't based on any particular artwork, but the general image I've seen from multiple artists.

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My anthros also have hooves, at least for the moment. If you'd like, send me a link to this guy and I'll check out his work. Also, I'm always open to suggestions. The sex scene was nice, but what I really liked was Luna and Thomas' interaction along with the maids characterization.

The transcontinental railroad's dark costs: exploited labor, stolen lands

It was a great chapter. I really like the interaction. If the story is gripping enough, the clop is secondary, sometimes unnecessary. I will keep following to see how things progress. Thank you. Only reason I clicked on this was because My name actually is Thomas. But now I'm glad I read it. However, how ponies figured out this was their special talent when most ponies got their cutie marks in grade school was suspiciously glossed over whenever the subject came up.

This might answer the question! I suppose I can accept this. By the way, you might get a better reaction promising to credit Patreon backers at the end of chapters and including a link there instead of linking to it in the description.

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The thing is mine, the thing is thine. It is my thing; it is thy thing. The thing is mine own; the thing is thine own.

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This smooths out the transition between words, the same way we use 'a' and 'an'. Wouldst thou prefer royal consort? Everything in the 2nd person singular is conjugated with -st at the end-- with a few exceptions. Thou art to begin thine first day of life in Canterlot away from our side.

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Ermegerd erm serch er nerd! Thank you so much.

A modern lady godiva! student films herself riding a horse naked except for boots and headgear – to highlight the importance of always wearing a helmet

When I say I love constructive criticism, this right here is what I want to see. I know I have room for improvement and I really appreciate those who point out flaws like this. Since this is a new form of grammar, I might not learn it all at once, so I'd appreciate if you could be patient with me in future chapters.

I'd be grateful if you pointed out any issues.

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Humans don't work that way to be honest. Thomas might just stick with Luna even if she wants him to go with so many other mares. generated in 0. Support us SubStar Chat! Discord Follow us Twitter. Story Lists What's Hot? Stories Blog Followers Following.

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