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Male nudes are the norm in Greek arteven though historians have stated that ancient Greeks kept their clothes on for the most part. New research suggests that art might have been imitating life more closely than ly thought.

Why are greek statues always naked? the extraordinary answer's laid bare in magnificent - if risque - exhibition at the british museum

Nudity was a costume used by artists to depict various roles of men, ranging from heroicism and status to defeat. Hurwit's newly published research shows that the Greeks did walk around in the buff in some situations.

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Men strode about free of their togas in the bedroom and at parties called symposia, where they would eat, drink and carouse. Nudity was also common on the athletic fields and at the Olympic games. Because there are so many images of Greek athletes, some lay people have assumed the Greeks were in their birthday suits all the time.

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Warriors and heroes are often, but not always, represented in the nude. Artists demonstrated the physical prowess men used to defeat their enemies.

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But, as Hurwit said, if you can go into battle naked, you've got to be pretty good. Hurwit's research, published in the Jan. In these cases, nudity was chosen to represent the subjects' vulnerabilities.

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Meanwhile, common laborers were also drawn undressed, illustrating their sweat and muscles to show how hard they worked. Gods and people of higher social class were sometimes—but not always—depicted in the buff to demonstrate their place in society.

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Hurwit's research of these nuances of Greek art also offers a glimpse into the cultural source of our civilization today. Live Science.

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