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Frederick is a playable character from Fire Emblem Awakening. Frederick is a veteran who prefers to guide others, and is Chrom 's deputy in the Shepherdsonce serving as a royal knight beforehand.

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By DragoncatOctober 21, in Far from the Forest Mod Shadow Dragon to give everyone decent growth rates instead of the trash ones they have at present. Then I'd actually play it again. Aside from that, I'd also take some of the custom models I've seen people make for Fire Emblem characters such as Cynthia or Severa and put them in as playable characters in Fire Emblem Warriors. Gotta make it so that it's completely out of place.

So, like, the battle models would be nude for whatever reason. Have Byleth fight in the Valley of Torment in the nude. This reminds me of the guy who put all females in the same class to measure boobs.

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Now we can measure dicks yay. Weaknessess in Lances, Axes, Armor. Budding Sword Talent. Same weaknesses as Matthew. Budding Reason Talent. I'll post them later.

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And Reason spell lists too! My ancestral culture is under represented in media.

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I demand more Celtic classes in Fire Emblem. If I don't see blue butt naked people swinging copper swords in the next Fire Emblem game, I'm going to mount a boycott. Give Micaiah enough base speed and defense to let her solo part 1 in hard mode. This is the challenge I have been always looking for.

I wouldn't think this would work out well. Knowing a few games, it wouldn't surprise me if they largely stuck to using a single breast size for most women, barring maybe a smaller size for the underaged. Although I never got to comparing undressed models in Fates, I can't say if the laziness carried over there.

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Nor did I analyze this for women. I've wanted more games to have a Body Swap mode!

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This changes absolutely nothing but the characters' models from one gender to another. You can even set it on a character-by-character basis so make Dimitri a woman, but keep Claud a manor set it to random if you want to go with an unknown flow. And, you can independently of body choose the character's preferred gender pronouns- male, female, or neutral. Why have this? Because why not? It looks like simple fun.

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And, it'd show off some artistic talent on part of the artist to make the same character twice, maintaining the spirit, but with slight adjustments for gender. How the artist handles those adjustments would say something about them I think. Give Three Houses a post game fighting Slytherins or exploring the Outrealms, so I can continue using my waifus as well as recruiting students and staff that I killed.

Generally speaking, there can be height differences between the characters which is most noticeable with characters like Benny or Elisebut all characters have one of a few body types. Both males and females have two body types, and with those body types there are two types of undergarments they wear at base depending upon affiliation Hoshidan or Nohrian.

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For males, there's the normal body which looks kinda bulky, then there's the extra muscular type which Benny and Fugo have. For females, there's the normal body type which is very slender and has narrow shoulders, and then there's the busty type which is generally more "filled out" and is exclusive to Camilla, Charlotte, Kagero, and Orochi. In Fire Emblem Warriors, this is quite different for the twelve characters that made it in from Fates, as each of them have their own models for when their armor breaks. Not that they offered much more variety in body proportions because let's face it, all of the females are slender queens and princesses to some extent, and all the males got some bulkbut it does offer some room for variety - for instance, Oboro is a bit curvier than the Hoshidan princesses, which isn't the case in Fates - and it ultimately is quite a bit more work than what they did in Fates and Awakening.

Although I think even then, males just have less variance in their proportions for whatever reason. Sims and Skyrim got LoversLab, and you already got the boat of people who say that FE is devolving into a hentai series which I think is stupid, but people are entitled to think what they will.

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I'm sure it'd scratch more than a few people's itches if modders went that route. Not actually showing the growth rates, but the stats are all color-coded based on what range their growths are. You can post now and register later.

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If you have anin now to post with your. Paste as plain text instead.

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Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL. Far from the Forest Search In. Create a mod for any FE game. Reply to this topic Start new topic.

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Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted October 21, Simple or complex, I mainly made this for an idea that wasn't big enough for a whole topic.

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Mod 3H to have Tellius battle themes. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted October 21, edited. Edited October 21, by NinjaMonkey. Posted October 22, Turn all the stats bonus of 3h Wyvern lord in penalties.

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For instance Just now, Ertrick36 said:. Nah, that'd make too much sense. Purple Mage.

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Late to the punch. The SF administration already created two mods for Three Houses. Interdimensional Observer. Posted October 22, edited. Every game should have a Hot Coffee mod or LoversLab. Posted October 23, Add tuxedos and sunglasses Replace horses with motorcycles. Add blood.

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And gore. And have the blood stick to units weapon and clothing throughout the battle. And have realistic battle damage. And have corpses remain on the battlefield instead of disappearing.

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Randomize enemy unit faces and hair. Have equipment appear on the unit I. Give shapeshifters that aren't wearing them pants. Actually, just give pants to every character that's not wearing them.

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Actually have the ability to see growth rates and support points in-game. Might add more later. Posted October 24, Actually, this is sort of a thing that hackers have done for the GBA games. the conversation You can post now and register later.

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