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Vince ed a naked picture of Cara Maria on Twitter as part of his response to the Twitter beef. He got his hands on the pic because Cara Maria's phone was hacked at some point and pics were released. Jenna responded with a "What?

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A free pass? Vinny responded with a threat to share photos of her nudes after finding out she tweeted her response and not -ing them in her tweets I'm releasing your nudes.

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Im not sure when he tweeted this, but the picture was probably from the big celebrity leaks last summer. Dont think it would really affect him being brought back. But she was not wrong.

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She stated what people were thinking, but Vince took it way to far that scum bag. Vinny Pig, don't be upset Cara Maria sent you and your boyfriend Bananas home on your first challenge ever You have yet to win elimination While I don't support what Vince did at all, he seems more annoyed because CM continuously runs her mouth in a condescending, passive-aggressive way towards him and others Jenna, Devin and Coral included the entire season when everyone knows she wouldn't do this if she was in front of their face. This is literally the second or third time they've gotten into it.

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Still doesn't warrant his leaking her photos, cause that's disgusting though. I googled the pics there's also ones with her uhh having sex and stuff, is that really her?

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As someone who is not on Twitter, can you give a quick recap of the "Twitter beef"? Vince is one of my all time least favorite people to ever be on the show Just wish the pictures were better quality you know what I'm saying?

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Found the internet! Posted by 5 years ago. My source is Sarah and Susie's podcast. Sort by: best. Champion Cara Maria.

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Derrick K. Continue this thread. Diem [RIP]. What a scumbag.

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Landon Lueck. Jillian Zoboroski. CT [Champ]. Coral Smith. I was more curious about who's dick it was tbh.

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Has he won a daily challenge yet? He and jenna won the first challenge of r3. Anyone can google that shit.

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Which pod is it? Most recent one? Yeah when did they have a twitter beef? About two weeks ago.

How the clique books taught me to hate other girls and myself

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