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Way back before selfies and social media, the A-list were at the mercy of plain old cameras and polaroids. Here's our favourite photos of celebrities before they were famous We just can't handle this uber cute photo of Miley Cyrus and her brother Braison - who by the way, is a major hottie nowadays. We never though we would see a toothless Ashley Grahambut here it is people. The model shared this adorable snap for flashback Friday on her Instagram.

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It has happened before and it will happen again: a bunch of female entertainers or their partners have their private photos hacked and the sexual ones posted online. There is usually one especially famous name in the bunch that le the headlines, the starlet with the hottest career at the time of the hack.

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Last time it was Scarlett Johansson. This time it's Jennifer Lawrence. And predictably, many people respond to these famous women's revealing photos going viral by saying they shouldn't have taken naked photos of themselves in the first place. All these celebs crying bc their nudes leaked.

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Well they shouldn't have taken them in the first place. Joke is on them. Put together a list of tips for celebs after latest leaks: 1.

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Don't take nude selfies 2. Don't take nude selfies 3.

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Don't take nude selfies. This is the "sext abstinence education" approach to scandalous selfies: 'If you don't take them, they can't get out into the world and embarrass you. The digital age has changed courtship in many ways, and this is one of them. Texting nude photos is increasingly part of the sexual repertoire; phones have become sex toys. Studies show that the of people sexting is on the rise.

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I too used to preach not taking scandalous selfies, but given their inevitability, it's far wiser to shift to a focus on practicing 'safe sext. The internet cognitive dissonance zone pic.

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Security experts are still debating how a hacker or hackers got their hands on these photos. Many who have looked at the metadata on the photos, such as SwiftonSecurity -- a joke Twitter that's turned serious around this leak -- are pointing the finger at an iCloud hack, given the of iPhone photos affected and a recently exposed security vulnerability that let an attacker try as many passwords on an iCloud as he or she wanted. It's not clear iCloud is definitely to blame but it is clear given the of people affected and the of photos that it isn't a mass smartphone snatching: these photos were stolen from the cloud, if not iCloud.

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Blame the tech companies for delivering products with crappy default security settings, not the non-expert users whose s are hacked. If it is Apple's infrastructure to blame, many of these people may not have realized that their photos were being sent to the cloud. It is a-not-entirely-transparent process as to how photos get there and are stored there, as ridiculed in the oddly prescient Sex Tape, a new movie in which the protagonists make what you'd think they'd make based on the title, and accidentally distribute it to friends and relatives; it stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel who appear to be among the few celebrities not included in this massive photo theft.

Apple like Google, Dropbox, and many other companies does encourage consumers to store more and more of their data in the cloud so it's easily accessible and not easily lost, but they don't have an ALL-CAPS warning to 'beware of the fact that once enabled, this will become a very wide net for your data, including any intimate snaps.

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Many media reports have quoted Jennifer Lawrence's offhand comment to an MTV interviewer : "My iCloud keeps telling me to back it up and I'm like, 'I don't know how to back you up. Do it yourself. Anyways I don't think any woman should be shamed for being young, beautiful, sexually active, and reliant on a flawed tech infrastructure.

For most, they have never changed their address or the password," says Hypponen. That username and password wasn't very important at all, it was just something they needed to download music. Then they got an iPhone, and eventually iCloud.

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Now that same username and password protects their photos and their backups. Whenever a hack happens, there is a tension between the poor practices of the individuals hacked and the company that was supposed to protect their data. Ideally, all actors -- not just the Hollywood ones -- involved would start building higher bulwarks around sensitive data. This is why we so desperately need to start thinking about how our communications are secured. This is why encryption matters.

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We are keeping incredibly sensitive information in digital form and trusting large companies to keep it safe. Sometimes those companies slip up or sometimes a hacker finds an incredibly clever way into their systems. Either way, if the data sits in the cloud unencrypted, a data breach becomes a sex crime.

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We need easier-to-use encryption tools, so that our data sitting in the cloud looks like gibberish even to the company holding it. Security expert Adam Shostack once said a " privacy chernobyl " that made everyone think about and care about privacy enough to really care about and pay for it was "highly unlikely.

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Rather than a Chernobyl, maybe a Perfect Privacy Storm will motivate a societal shift to more actively protect data data. In the course of this year, Target shoppers have had their credit cards stolen.

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The NSA's access to our data through mass surveillance has been endlessly debated. Dozens of celebrities have had their nude photos exposed as well as lots of "normal" people; when it happens to the latter, we call it "revenge porn.

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More and more of our lives are digitized and flowing through online channels. It simply doesn't work anymore to say, "If you don't want it exposed, don't do it in the first place," because there is something that you do that you don't want exposed that is currently digitized.

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Or something of someone else's that you're holding that they feel that way about. Humans are going to do sex stuff. And in this era, that means digital sex stuff. And in this era, that means digital sex stuff," tweeted jokester-turned-lead-leak-investigator InfoSec Taylor Swift.

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