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The show returned for its fourth season on Tuesday after its summer hiatus, and with it came a back to basics approach. We saw how this worked for Arrow last year, and there's definitely a feeling - or a Vibe - that the writers are trying to get back to the fun, fast show of Season 1. In order to do that, however, they need their hero back too. Season 3 ended with Barry Allen walking into the Speed Force with his mother, filling the vacancy in the prison and saving Central City in the process - but sacrificing himself in doing so. The short answer? Not great, Bob!

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It is a shower.

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If so, she kind of wishes Eddie would do that, too, because it sucks to climb into the shower and have part of the stream shoot over your head and the lower part stream straight into your mouth. And if she goes back much further to try and center the water where she wants it, she hits the edge of the tub.

Iris sighed, and opened the door to her bathroom, a fluffy white towel tucked tightly around her body. Her salvation was so close. He was naked.

Completely, bare ass naked. Not even a towel.

Not even a washcloth. Just Barry, his skin still wet from his shower. She could see little freckles and moles dotting his chest, and tried not to watch droplets of water run between them and over them. She tried not to watch them slide over his muscled arms or wide chest, tried not to see them drip over the valleys of his abs.

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He looked like he ran marathons. The color returned, full force, to his face and he slung a gray towel low over his hip bones.

She could still see some of his pubic hair. Not that she was looking. At all. She was in a relationshipgoddamn it.

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Her eyes traveled up his body and back to his face. Barry was still flushed. So Joe said I could come back. She liked the weird poof of his hair when it was dried and styled, but this was on some other level of good looking.

The flash season 4: how barry allen returns from the speed force

Verging dangerously into fuck me territory. He coughed and she focused back on his face when had her eyes started wandering down to his abs again?

Part of her screamed no, stop it, leave the water and another part argued that watching him drag the towel over his body was even better. She could imagine him pressing his lips to her collarbone and the water hitting against her back.

Iris flushed scarlet. She pinched herself to concentrate on the pain instead of his body. Could he just put a shirt on already?

The flash season 4: how barry allen returns from the speed force

Barry gathered his things and brushed past her, his bare chest grazing her shoulder for just a second. Instead, she settled on taking a nice, long bath and not at all thinking about Barry Allen. Not even a little.

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She screamed. She did not just think that.

God damn it, she needed to get clean. And get laid. And possibly find Jesus.