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On the other hand, she comes with built-in spike heels. And a Transylvanian accent. However unlikely, this is one kind of change I can get on board with. But they were very careful to make sure we never see any naughty bits. In fact, when one slows down the film to take screen caps, it is questionable whether Beowulf even has bits.

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By Alexandra Heilbron on November 15, 34 Comments. Angelina Jolie says she felt exposed after seeing herself naked in the new movie Beowulfeven though her character was animated. Following a screening of the film, she called her partner Brad Pitt to warn him about the nudity.

According to People. There are certain moments where I felt actually shy—and called home, just to explain that the fun movie that I had done that was digital animation was, in fact, a little different than we expected. She felt shy?????

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I wonder how she felt when she gave her brother the tongue on the red carpet a few years ago???? I also wonder how she felt about sleeping with a married man!! All of a suddenn there is a panic…. So she felt shy… so what? If this is really the way she felt, so be it. The way they say it it makes it sound like she didn;t know there would be nudity.

They made it sound like she thought she was going to see Finding Nemo and instead saw herself naked.

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It is abit odd that she would feel shy when everyone has seen her naked alreay Gia but oh well. Does anybody really care how she felt, most actors in Hollywood would do anything for a buck.

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I wonder how she will explain to her daugther she was conceived when her father was still married with her good friend. There breasts, get over it.

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Good for you Angie, being an actor myself i feel she is doing her job well, for those who watch shows for that kinda thing, Looks like your in for a good scene. If Kevin Bacon can do it so can she. Who cares if she has exposed herself before? Stone cold fox, even animated!

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Give her a break…. People are allowed to mature….

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Would I do the same things today, that I did when I was younger. Definitely not.

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Give the poor woman a break! I must agree with Pat, give it a breakMiss Jolee is allowed to regret past mistakes and change her ways. She should be allowed to do things differently as her situation changes. Nothing is static, all things change.

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Feelings are not things that people can control. We can only control our behaviour after having the feeling. I think we should be more concerned with her comment regarding her shock at seeing herself that way. It does sound like she was unaware she would be shown naked, which could be a violation of her rights, which is NEVER okay.

You are so wrong LH. Any nudity, whether it be real or animated, would have to have been cleared by the artist.

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It would have been included in her contract. She was WELL aware of the scene in the film. Her comments are geared toward presenting herself as a concerned parent, thats it. Nothing shy about Jolie!! Anyway, her lips are overweight.

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As for for the article we will eat anything up. I wonder what colour her shoes were when she made the statement? I have to agree, Angelina knew very well that her character would be nude, it would have been in her contract. I appreciate her honesty at face value because her actions in the whole represent a much deeper person than may be shown on one movie or comment.

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I too, after seeing all the spots and trailers couldnt have known till I saw it. Everyone can have a rebel stage growing up and Angelina sure had hers. Furthermore, how many other celebrities use their clout to champion such causes as Darfur? Stop being so narrow-minded and accept Angelina Jolie for who she is — a human being, a woman, a mother and yes, an actress.

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Angelina Jolie naked in Beowulf? By Alexandra Heilbron on November 15, 34 Comments Angelina Jolie says she felt exposed after seeing herself naked in the new movie Beowulfeven though her character was animated.

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Oh yeah! Once a tramp…. Respect her decision to do what? Be shy? Do people decide to be shy? The freak french kisses her brother in pulic but too SHY to get naked???