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Amber received backlash for prioritizing her schooling over her fixing her estranged relationship with her daughter Leah, who is primarily being parented by Gary and Kristina. He posted one photo of the screen, which was showing the new Mortal Kombat movie, followed by one of Kristina fast asleep in the car. He praised his hard-working wife for being able to balance so much, seemingly shading his ex Amber, who was just slammed for not being able to do the same by fans. Earlier on Friday, Amber, 30, took to Instagram to share an update on her own studies, as she prepped her computer and notebooks for the day.

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They need to perform well on camera. They need to meet the bare minimum of what people will tolerate out of stars. They need to honor their contracts. And, if it wasn't obvious, they need to have given birth to as a teenager. However, despite it not actually being a requirement, quite a few Teen Mom stars are known to show some skin. Just because they're in their 20s doesn't mean that they aren't MILFs. In fact, they might be the very definition of the term.

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Certain stars are more likely to show skin than others, be it in sexy selfies or beach trips, but they all get in on the fun. Take a look at some of the hottest photos below and relive the most naked moments of various Teen Mom stars. Toggle. There are some hot young moms on TV, folks. Who looks the best out of clothes? Keep scrolling to find out:. Kailyn Lowry: Topless In Jeans. Kailyn Lowry posed for a topless photo just over two months after giving birth.

And fans were stunned by the of her fitness routine.

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Kail In the Mirror. This one was taken about six weeks after Kailyn welcomed her fourth. But you'd never know it from her physique. Kailyn Lowry Postpartum. Kailyn Lowry shared this photo on her Instagram about three weeks after becoming a mother for the fourth time. Kailyn Lowry Maternity Photo. The girl loves her body, and we love her for that!

Side of Kail.

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Leah captioned this pic, "My chick bad, badder than yours. Kail Does Costa Rica.

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Yes, Kail certainly wasn't shy about showing off her swimwear while on vacay. Not only does she look great, she's sticking it to body-shaming haters like David Eason! Kail Is Killing It. Kail likes the beach, which there's plenty of near her Delaware home, and she looks outrageously sexy in this photo. For those who like women who aren't stick-thin, Lowry is a major catch.

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Birthday suit! And since we're talking about naked moments, it feels important to mention this time that Kailyn posed nude for her 26th birthday! Check out Kail inwith a special guest.

1. kailyn lowry: topless in jeans

Kailyn and Leah Messer enjoyed some tropical ocean weather together in March of Good to see not everyone from the franchise feuds constantly! Both mothers of three look great BTW. Kail went shark-diving! Most Teen Mom stars aren't brave enough to swim with sharks. Most other people aren't, either. Kailyn Lowry isn't like most people, though, and we love her for that. She went to Coki Beach in Yes, yes she did.

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It was a fun trip, and also notable because she was pregnant with "Baby Lo" in this photo. That pregnancy was shrouded in mystery from the start. Less debatable? Kail's hotness. Not even pregnancy keeps Kailyn out of the water. Kail waded out into the water at St. Thomas while she was still pregnant with Lux. Lowry loves a good vacation who doesn't and wasn't about to let two little kids and a third on the way slow her down. From the back!

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Here's another angle, just in case you're feeling Kailyn as much as she was feeling herself here! Which, you know, is totally fair. From the side! This photo is so serene and maternal. Quick, someone turn this pregnant photo of Kailyn into a painting, because it's one of our favorites of Lowry. She might want to frame this.

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She looks great. And Then There's Her Rival Jenelle Evans. The Carolina Hurricane may not be the best mom Some might say that plastic surgery helps, but clearly she doesn't lack for male interest she has with different guys and ended a pregnancy with a fourthor self-confidence. Jenelle Evans looking relaxed AF on the beach while her kids play in the surf.

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Her husband Dave Eason took this photo. We're guessing he enjoyed the view. Jenelle knows how to do an endorsement. If you're being paid to sell sunglasses, you might as well grab the attention of your followers. Her body in a bikini sure does the job. That's product placement at its finest if you know what we mean.

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We mean her body is the actual product and it's placed in front of the camera to boost commercial sales of an unrelated item. Her hot body is no stranger to tattoos. Jenelle's tattoos are some of the most extensive in a franchise full of them. Evans isn't quite as inked up as Maci Bookout or Kailyn Lowry, but she's no stranger to the process.

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Side note: That intriguing bikini bottom kind of has a "face-hugger" vibe. Like from the Alien movies.

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Sun's out Jenelle has a pool at home now, so start expecting lots and lots of photos like this, OK? She enjoys being on the water. Jenelle Evans loves being on the water near her Oak Island, N. Hurricanes, of course, are strengthened by their time spent at sea, so it makes sense that the Carolina Hurricane is no exception.