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She knows that much.

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She comes downstairs and meets Dr. Dyson Ido, her new father, surgeon and savior. He rescued her core—her brain, her head, her heart—from a literal scrap heap: The good doctor specializes in patching up and rebuilding cyborgs in Iron City. So Ido took her home and gave her a new body, one originally built for his own daughter. It was too precious to Ido, too painful to scrap.

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So he kept it around. And now, he finds use for it. So when he gives the body to its new tenant and discovers she has, for the moment, no memories of her past life, Ido gives her a name, too. Just like his daughter. The tough work that he and others like him does keeps Iron City a little bit safer. Moreover, his underlying rationale is pretty honorable, too. Two, he needs money for his woefully underfunded clinic.

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A guy named Hugo takes Alita to an old husk of a church, where the two of them gaze up at Zalem, and Hugo discusses his desire to get there some day—by any means necessary, he suggests. The same church later serves as a sanctuary for a seriously injured character.

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Many of those minions treat him with the awe typically reserved for either royalty or divinity, bowing and groveling in his presence. She develops a pretty serious emotional attachment to Hugo—at one point literally offering her heart to him. She tells him he could sell it to finance his trip to Zalem, then suggests they could get a cheap knock-off heart elsewhere. That scene also feels oddly intimate because Alita has to unzip her shirt to get to her chest compartment where the heart is located.

Alita wants to run off with Hugo, and he tells her that he loves her, too. We see Hugo lounge around without a shirt. We see what initially appears to be a human woman in fishnet stockings and a trench coat in a dark alley. She is later revealed as a cyborg. The intimacy of the scene perhaps implies that the two are lovers, though we never see anything else that would confirm that relationship.

The violence in Alita: Battle Angel is unremitting and oddly brutal—but a bit hard to parse in this space, given that most of the carnage is perpetrated on cyborgs who seem to feel ificantly less pain than we would if we were dismembered. We do see one actual human sliced in half, though the scene is brief and in shadow. No blood or gore is shown. A couple of guys get stabbed, and their wounds are clearly terminal. Cyborgs are sliced up as a Alita battle angel naked of course. Arms and legs and sometimes accompanying built-in weapons get hacked off and go flying.

At other times, most of their bodies are diced up like ham. One scene features a violently dismembered cyborg with just one arm attached—still doing its best to fight. Another head is removed from its useless husk, but the thing is kept alive via a strange blood infusion. Other he roll about at times.

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Motorball is a particularly bloody contest involving cyborgs. In a more playground version of the sport in which most of the participants seem to be human, except Alitapeople get knocked to the ground and, in one case, sent flying head over heels.

Alita instigates a massive fight at a bar catering to hunter-warriors. We see limbs chopped off, bodies breaking tables and faces smashed in. Someone falls from a tremendous height, apparently to his death. A dog is apparently stepped on and killed. Alita dips her finger in blood and uses it as war paint. We see a human skeleton in an old spacecraft. And we see him attack one victim, mostly in the shadows, with something that looks a little like a huge scythe. Plenty of folks drink at a hunter-warrior bar.

Ido sips wine with dinner. Someone pours a couple of glasses of whiskey. He just wants me to be his perfect little girl.

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But perhaps the most jarring among them is the one that Hugo keeps. Alita: Battle Angel is visually spectacular, often ridiculous and sometimes kinda fun. Based on a manga series called Gunnm written by Yukito Kishiro, the film offers a dizzying, if overly long, scamper through a well-realized dystopia.

Alas, the completely CGI-rendered star, Alita voiced by Rosa Salazarwith her anime eyes and all-too-showy skin pores, lands squarely in uncanny valley for some, giving the film a rather off-putting heroine at its core. It dices! It hacks off he! And whatever else the movie has going for it, that seems like an issue. Overall, Alita feels both more adult and, in some ways, less mature than your typical PG actioner—a strange combination of the Blade Runner and Twilight movies.

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Focus on the Family has also decided to go to battle for those whom some consider disposable. Consider talking to your family about the value of life and ing us in this fight. A Declaration of Life for Kids. Valuing Life From the Start. Paul Asay has been part of the Plugged In staff sincewatching and reviewing roughly 15 quintillion movies and television shows. The author of several books, Paul loves to find spirituality in unexpected places, including popular entertainment, and he loves all things superhero.

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Feel free to follow him on Twitter AsayPaul. Blog Podcast About. Alita: Battle Angel. Content Caution Heavy Kids. Medium Teens. Medium Adults. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on. In Theaters. February 14, Home Release Date. July 23, Robert Rodriguez. Paul Asay. Movie Review Blink. She wakes up in a strange bed, in a strange place. She has no memory of who she is. If only she knew more of it. Violent Content The violence in Alita: Battle Angel is unremitting and oddly brutal—but a bit hard to parse in this space, given that most of the carnage is perpetrated on cyborgs who seem to feel ificantly less pain than we would if we were dismembered.

Drug and Alcohol Content Plenty of folks drink at a hunter-warrior bar. Conclusion Alita: Battle Angel is visually spectacular, often ridiculous and sometimes kinda fun. Parents, get practical information from a biblical worldview to help guide media decisions for your kids! Learn More and Subscribe Here! Back to Top. More by Paul Asay.

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